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Just wanted to let you know that Pete did spectacular in North Dakota.  He was making 100 yard retrieves, fetching live birds,finding ducks in corn fields that  we had no idea where they were, was very calm in the blind, breaking through ice for birds, chasing down cripples, handled HUGE Canada geese with little effort (biggest one in the picture was over 16 pounds), minded/listened/ showed unbelievable discipline, and had all the confidence in the world.  It was like he had been doing it for years.  My hunting partners were more than impressed. Just wanted to let you know that we have bonded and he has adjusted better than I could have ever hoped for.


PB Casey



Hey Pat,

Blaze started her first season on duck hunting and without her I would have had no birds. 
She was great.

Hi Guys
Blaze is the best dog. She is a pup so she has lots of energy but she listens so well that I can't believe it. She stays with me all the time. And I had her on bumpers in the cattails and she is good. Thanks you very much for the fantastic dog.


Just thought I would drop you a line on Blaze. She is such a great
dog, she never gives up, she has yet to fail me on a retrieve. I work
on her obedience a lot making sure she stays until it is time to
fetch. And most of all she love it....she is the best dog. I have her
in the lake and swamp every day.  I had a fellow call a while back
that was interested in one of Blazes siblings and he said he could see
that I was very happy and impressed with my dog. I'll send some
pictures once hunting season is here. I have a feeling it's going to
be a good one.

take care and thanks for the great dog
jeff stifter

COAL went to North Dakota


Coal is doing well and is worked on birds every day.  We also spend alot of time playing fetch, heeling, etc.  Today Coal got his first pheasant retrieve.  He came back,sat at my knee and dropped the bird in my hand!  He now understands what he is looking for and its fun to watch him track birds.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.
John Pretzer
p.s.  Coal also likes to watch football and went with my wife and I to my sons game.  He likes to travel and is easy to have along.



Good evening Pat and Florence,
I took some pictures the other day of Diesel and thought I would send you one. He is doing very well, I work with him most everyday and couldn't ask for a better dog. Everyone who see's him can't believe he's as young as he is. He has adapted very well to being in the house, and even regular puppy issues like chewing hasn't been an problem.
I work with him here on my property, and utilize the heavy grass in my pastures and dense brush and cattails in my creek bottom to challenge him. He retrieves like a machine, and has NEVER come back without the "bird". He is truly an amazing retriever. Hunting season is coming up soon, I can't wait to get him in the field. I'll send you some pictures as the year goes on. Thanks very much.

Diesel on his very first hunt test. Ohio


This is Diesel on his very first hunt test.  He passed with flying colors.  He has been a great dog sine we picked him up Memorial Day weekend.   Just thought I would send you guys a few pic of him.  These pictures were took the day before his 1st birthday.
JD Linton



  Hey Pat and Florence just wanted to give you and update on Chloe she has been on bed rest for the past two weeks. We had her spayed. Which ended up working out real we since it was so hot here average temp was 95. She is doing great love to play and run. She is a big lover , lots of hugs and kisses we are still working on the video. I would like to post it on the internet when we are finished with it if its ok with you. It was hard for me to find information about hunting dogs. I really couldn’t be happier with her and just want to share it with everyone about how well she was trained and how great you guys are and tell everyone they should buy a dog from you guys. When I am finished I will mail you a copy of the video prior to putting it on the internet ( want your approval).attached is a pick of my girl in my back yard on her stand. Thanks hope all is well keep in touch. Ps I’m trying to talk my future wife in to letting me get another pup her in a few years so don’t be going anywhere lol. thanks and have a blessed day. Few other pics attached also she is so abused lolo

MAGNUM: Went to California



 Pat, I just got back in town.  I received your package with Magnums papers and training video. Thank you.  The training video is very impressive. Magnum is a great dog and very well trained. He is doing everything very well and adjusting to his new life. I'm looking foreword to duck season with him. He is truly happiest when retrieving. This summer is difficult to work him enough do to my schedule.  There is no quit in him, I think he could go all day. It's just to hot here to work him as long as he would like. I would recommend you to any body who is looking for a started dog.

Thanks. Joel



Gus and Gertie in South Dakota. Gertie did awsome for her first trip out.  We brought back 55 pheasants and she retrieved most of them,



Hi Pat and Florence!

Happy New Year! Here’s a picture of Joie we had taken at Petco just before Christmas. It’s hard to believe she’s four years old already. I can’t imagine life without her, she’s such a part of our family. You had told us during her training that she would be an excellent hunting dog and a good family dog, and she certainly is the best at both.

The first time we took her hunting she just turned one year old. We were down by the South Dakota border pheasant hunting. We walked some land next to a pond and Joie flushed out some birds. The first to fly up were hens. She looked at Phillip in disbelief that he hadn’t shot. Then she flushed out a rooster. Phillip shot it, but it flew out over the pond and came down in the cold water. Joie didn’t hesitate a second when she jumped in and swam out to retrieve it. She brought it to him, and sat and held it at his side so proud to have retrieved her first bird for him. She proved all in one shot that she was a great upland and water dog. She has continued to show him over and over again her willingness to please and her love of hunting. She doesn’t give up on a bird until she finds it.

As far as a family dog, I can’t say enough good about her. She was only outside in her kennel for the first five months we had her. We brought her in Christmas Eve and she’s been inside ever since! She was so polite and didn’t touch a thing. It’s as if she knew these were our things and she respected them. She’s the smartest dog I’ve ever met. She learns tricks very quickly (shake hands, high five, stretch, crawl, dead dog – just to name a few). She takes out the garbage and brings in the groceries. We get such a kick out of how proudly she carries our things, and looks around to see if any neighbors are watching what a good dog she is! She never barks at people walking by or other dogs. She will only bark once when someone knocks at the door or rings the doorbell. We have had two occasions where she thought we were in danger, and was right there to protect us.

I could go on and on about her wonderful traits. It’s not just because she’s our dog either. We’ve got friends that wish they could clone her! But both Phillip and I believe she’s as good as she is due to her breeding and training. We met both her mother (Josephine) and her father (Rowdy) and they are both friendly, well-mannered, beautiful dogs. Joie was trained with love and patience. We saw that right from the start when we’d come down to your place to see her during her training. All of your dogs are treated very well and it shows in the way they greet you and react when you are around them. They all look at you with respect and admiration, and that isn’t something you can train them to do.

Joie has never forgotten either of you, and really enjoys going back for visits. We’ll have to come down soon – we hear you have new chocolate pups! I remember when Josephine had her last litter and the pups were climbing all over Joie. She loves little puppies and little dogs. She’s so gentle with them. When Coffee was a little pup you had her in with Joie for awhile. That’s probably where Joie learned her patience!

Thank you again, Pat and Florence, for raising such a wonderful dog for us. We attribute so much of her good behavior to you two. Not only did we get a wonderful dog, but we gained two great friends. We’re thankful for both!

Have a great 2005 and we hope to see you soon!

Nancy and Phillip Bloom



Good Morning Florence and Pat,

I have to tell you the coolest thing about Joie. I always let her "help" me carry in the groceries - she's so proud of herself for being such a help! Sunday Phillip and I picked up broasted chicken from the deli at Sunmart. I usually give her the lightest bag
to carry in, and of course this was in a bag by itself so I gave it to her. I didn't even realize this was the bag with chicken in it. How many dogs would carry this without ripping into that good smelling chicken - especially Joie who lives to eat!!! She proudly carried it to the house (she's so cute - she always looks around to see if anybody is watching her!) When we got inside, I took it from her and placed it on the counter.

While I was putting the groceries away, I noticed she sat with her nose up towards the counter looking at the bag. It wasn't until then I realized I'd had her carry in the chicken! What a good girl she is. That had to be such a temptation, but she would never get into anything of ours, even
food, without permission. We've left our plates on tv trays right in front of her nose, but she would never take anything until we give it to her.

She's the best!

Have a good day!


Jeff Cookie: CO.


 Dear Patrick and Miss Florence:
I finally was able to get Cookie out on some live birds. This past Saturday we shot five birds over her and she retrieved them all. She did a very good job. The last bird was one that another dog worked past and missed, so I took her back through the field. About three or four minutes in she flushed the bird and made a great retrieve. The really cool part was watching her work. She did a very good job of quartering and staying in close gun range. From my perspective it was awesome. Then again, my objectivity may be somewhat biased. Anyway, thanks again for the best dog I've ever had the pleasure to own and work. I'll keep you posted as time goes on.

You folks do a fabulous job!!!

Thanks Again!!!




Hi Pat/Florence:

I attached a picture of Ruby’s first pheasant hunt. She did fantastic! From the very first bird she retrieved every bird and even chased down several birds that had not even been winged yet and brought them back live! She stayed within gun range the entire day and crisscrossed back and forth in front of the five of us. She scented about 13 out of the 19 that we shot and kicked them up. She also retrieved several birds where she had to chase down a winged, flying bird for a half mile before she caught it, and she brought it all the way back to me. She would also help my brothers when they called her, but she stayed out in front of me most of the time. I am on the right, my brother Rob is kneeling, my brother Richard is in the white shirt, my dad in the grey shirt and a family friend is in the back. One thing that made us really proud of her is that a Lab that had about 6 years experience when over and over the same field that we hunted and only kicked up one bird, so she found all but one!
I ended up taking her off of the lead after about 20 steps as I could tell that she didn’t need it. I never even had to call her in closer as she somehow knew exactly what gun range was.
I can’t thank you enough for such a wonderful part of our family! John



Jessie and I went down by Gwinner this morning. We saw about 6 roosters but they were all on posted land. We picked up two geese. Jessie was shining on geese, today. Both were wing tipped and came down in a chiseled corn field. She routed them both out and tackled them. One tried to fight but she just bowled it over, grabbed it by the neck and started dragging it back. I met her half way and she didn't drop it until I was there. The other just tried to run and she pounced on it and dragged it back. It died unexpectedly while she was dragging it. I haven't weighed the birds but you can see from the pic that they were hefty.

Gregs two started dogs Gus and Gertie: OHIO


Pat and Florence here is a picture of Gus and I after our South Dakota Hunt. You could not ask for a better dog than Gus that I purchased from you two years ago. I can't wait to go back next year with my second dog purchased from Birddogkennels. It should be double the pleasure.
Greg Ranker
Tiffin, Ohio



Hi Guys, Just a quick update on Jessie. That little ball of fur that you guys nourished and worked with has turned into an accomplished goose hunter. This year we have not lost a single goose. She has made multiple marks and retrieves in CRP, retrieved two birds that fell in the woods a considerable distance away ( In the refuge, but thats another story ) and all of the easy birds when decoy hunting. We started the year pass shooting geese in Pheasants Forever land ( all CRP ) which was chin high on me. We were in the open, so Jessie could get a line on the birds when they came down but little else. After a couple of retrieves, I didn't even go into the high grass with her because she judges the distances better than I do. She dragged one gander out of the grass that was beating her with its wings and biting her ear and it didn't phase her a bit. I think she likes goose hunting as well as I do. She still wants to go out on the deck and watch the park geese fly over as they go out to feed when we're at home. When we started duck and goose hunting, I didn't make her sit still with me when birds weren't flying and I let her roam ( Lack of Trainer training ) because I thought she should enjoy the trip as much as I do and besides, I like to watch her work grassy areas. I lost a couple of opportunities but not many. Now she stays close and settles down and waits with me on her own. She doesn't chase deer but will chase rabbits. She stops and comes back when called. She doesn't wear the shock collar any more because I never had to use it except a couple of times at the beginning to make her stop. She does't chase flying birds, if I miss but does give me a very disgusted look. I missed a pheasant which had been in the ditch coming back from deer hunting on Sunday and afterwards she layed down facing the other way and wouldn't look at me for about 1/2 hour. I don't know if I'm imagining it or if she really does get disgusted. She has turned into an outstanding pheasant dog in spite of me. I started her alone and when she found scent, I just followed her and let her do her thing. Now we hunt with small parties and she works between me and whoever is next to me ( usually Ed ) and stayes within about 20 yards. She broke once and ran birds out of range out of a corn field but we won't get too excited about that. Normally, I stay away from corn fields because the birds will run down the rows. She needs a little more whiskers before she is ready for that. I only hunt pheasants with Ed and Jessie has gone with him a couple of times when I posted and she works well for him and obeys him. I still think you will end up selling him a dog because his can hardley hunt any more. He took Jessie and left his Jake in the car the last time we were out and I needed to take the ATV to cap. He says he's Jessie's Godparent so if anything ever happens to Marsha and I, Jessie has a home with people she loves. Marsha and I talk of you guys often, Jessie is such a part of our lives and everyone who meets her, loves her. She has good social skills with both people and other dogs. That goes back to breeding but more directly to your care and TREATMENT when she was a pup and during her training. Pat has so much patience when training and just brings the pups around until they want to do it right instead of forcing them into it. We address this with people that call for a reference as well as the hunting. I guess I better get ready for work so I'll cut this off. You know that I could brag about Jessie for another 10 or 12 pages. Just wanted to let you know that we're thinking about you as the Holiday season starts and have best wishes for you. Pat, if you can get away for a weekend morning during the late goose season, lets go hunting. I will be hunting in Fergus area around Orwell. I'll give you a yell when the time gets here and see if it will work out. It surely would be something to see Rowdy and Jessie hunting together. Best to both of you. Jeff, Marsha & Jessie

P.S. Jessie just whispered in my ear that it would be a good thing to go goose hunting tomorrow before Thanksgiving Dinner.
Oh well, what's a parent to do..........................................



 We would like to thank you for having started Radar as
well as he is. He's getting use to spending nights in
the house but before the alarm(5:00 am goes off he's
there to go outside to his kennel, hates the cable
run.Like listening to your tape, does all the commands
that you tell him on the tape. Looks all over for you
and can't figure where you're hiding. Kyle and Radar
are forming a bond, sleeping on floor side by side.
Will get digital camera and send pics. If you ever
need reference use my name and number. Thanks, Dave & Kyle

Hunt smart,hunt safe.



Hi guys, it's Shane here. Kody's new papa. Just wanted to drop you a line and a few pics of Kody.
Kody is fitting to our family just great. There was never any doubt as to what we were getting in a dog.
He has surpassed anything I could have imagined him to be after only 1 month at the house. I guess I am saying thank you again for doing a wonderful job with Kody. I hope the next pictures I send you there is a snow goose in his mouth. Until then, take care guys!!!!!

Shane,Al and Flip


Hi Pat!
Scout is a wonderful dog. I'm amazed at how gentle he is with the kids, and how affectionate he is with everyone in the family. We couldn't decide if we wanted 2 dogs in the house, but after having them both together I felt like I really didn't know Scout like I knew Cuda, our other Lab, who is a week older than Scout, so I brought him inside, and I couldn't be happier with the decision. He is gentle, relaxed, and a better dog after spending more time with him. I trust him more than I trust Cuda. He gets free range of certain rooms at night, where as Cuda is kenneled, and he can be left alone, and I know when I return nothing will be chewed or there will be no accidents in the house either. He is a dream dog. I wanted a big black lab, and that is what I got only better. His obedience is great too, and I cannot tell you about his hunting experience because I did not hunt with him this past year but my husband did, and he enjoyed it. He hangs really close, and hunts well for a pup. The more he gets out with him, the better he will be. When the weather warms up a little more, Pat will be taking him to the Game Farm to get more hunting under his belt.

Overall, I cannot tell you how happy I am with Scout. He is a great dog, and the kids love him. It will be exciting to get him to the lake with us this summer. He seemed to love our swimming pool, and I bet he will love the lake too! Thanks Again for such a great dog!




Hi guys!

Hope all is well. Took Kody out to get some birds, all they had were chuckers, but he did an AWESOME job! I can’t thank you enough,

or tell you how great a job you have done. He has also completed his 1st obedience class as well. Exactly what was expected.

Again, We thank you!

Shane and Kody

Marsha Cummings

Hi. Patrick and Florence, Marsha Cummings (Jeff's wife) here from Wahpeton, ND.

Jeff showed me the cute E-Mail and picture he sent to you's of our Choc-Lab, Wind-Dancer Jessica (Jessie) on her FIFTH birthday. Ya, he sure does love her. Me, too.

We have been so busy. Wanted to get over to your business place there in Battle Lake this past summer to see you's and Coffee Cocoa Bean and Rowdy. I sure do like your Coffee Cocoa Bean. You can send her to our place when she retires. A wonderful, wonderful dog. I like strong, well built Rowdy, too. Yet, am prone to female dogs verses male dogs.

Ya, we still keep on talking about getting one of Jessie's sisters. So put us on your list of folks to contact before Coffee retires.

You can't believe the Compliments we get on our Jessie. Everyone just loves her. She has the best disposition and personality. Loves other dogs, is very social. Loves Kyds, is not aggressive at all with them. Loves to lay on my discarded Magazines that I rack up on the floor while I am fixing to throw them out. Gotta look at them first. Jeff just howls. You throw a magazine on the floor and here she comes, has got to get her paws on them. Our Vet just loves her too. Jessie is a very healthy dog with Beautiful Flawless WhiteTeeth.

Yes, we play with her. We are two old folks with a very spoiled Hunting Dog. Oh, yes, she loves to lay and be petted. She has such a nice coat of hair.

As a Hunter, she is Fantastic. Jeff gets calls to go hunting. Ya, don't forget your Dog. Jessie just lives to go Hunting. Jeff even has to be sneaky about gathering up his Stuffs. Otherwise, she goes and starts nudging him to get going. A very, very Smart dog she is.

Jessie has never spent a night outside since we got her. Oh Ya, once she found out about house sleeping, that was it for her. Her dog crate has cob-webs up in the garage. The huge dog-house I bought her, was never used. I gave it away. Yep, our Love-Seat is her bed. She just loves it.

Jessie Loves stuffed animals. Has a whole basketful full. She is a giver, like right now I have three here by me. When we arrive home from work, there she is with one of her critters to give to us. She knows her critters. Will go and fetch up her favorites when we ask her to. When she gets too many out I just have her fetch them up and one by one drop them in her basket. Ya, dogs and kyds, about the same.

I taught Jessie how to "throw the ball". Also, hide and seek in the house. I would hide and then jump out and Scare the Crap out of her. Off she would go with me chasing her. Over and over again, we did this. She just loves it. Then we have the chase around the house. I chase her, she chases me. Jeff at first goes, You are going to spoil my Hungting Dog! Heck No, I go, she knows the difference. This is Mom time. Now it is Old Hat. She just loves it. Now, we are working on Talking. She can get one "Youll" out. Will do it just two times and then she's done. I work on this right when I get home from work, PLAY TIME. She just loves it.

Well, I could write a book about our Jessie with her fantastic disposition and personality. Also, a very good watch dog. Nothing gets past our house without one Bark. She gets praises for this bark and I always go and check and see. Then I give her a little treat for "Scaring the Bad people away". Oh, she is dutiful about knowing our whole house and yard. She has a job to do and she does it very well.

We tell folks, the Breeding of dogs at Bird Dog Kennels is great. Then take it one step further and have you do the Training. We are so pleased with the way you train your dogs and the way Jessie is. We could have never even came close to that. Jeff and I both feel that is why our Jessie is so wonderful. Good breeding (there is a difference, we can see it when our Jessie is next to another Choc Lab that came from whereever), and the Training. That Training is huge. We will be doing the same thing for our next dog.

Hopefully, we can make it over to your place this summer. I love your place surrounded by trees with the smell of the Lake close by. So cozy. Will give you a jingle first to make sure you are at home or don't have a family function going on.

Well, I just had to get my input in here. I love our Jessie. My most favorite dog is the German Shepherd. Grew up with them. However, for town living, that is out. That would not be fair at all to that breed of dog. They have to be out in the Country. I'm hooked on Choc Labs now because of Jessie. Thanks a Bunch!

Hope this finds you Warm and Well. Love, Marsha Cummings

NOTE: I re-call when Jeff started his Dog Search. He was doing the web-site thing. Was always on the Southern State web-sites and wanting me to go here to look at a dog and there to look at a dog. I go, why do you want to bring a dog that is born in a warm climate up North? Why don't you look for a dog breeder in our own neck of the woods. I felt that would keep him busy for a while. Go to myself, he is just going thru some male phase. So that is how he found you's. Well, as you know I wasn't happy at all about him getting a Hunting Dog that he found and picked out without me knowing. Oh Boy, I go, that is all I need. I grouched all the way over to your business place to see this four month old puppie Jeff had bought. Then I meet you's and saw your lay-out. You are good folks. The Frosting on the Cake, when I saw Jessie, my heart just melted. Oh, she was just beautiful. So happy, so playful. So eager to please. My heart just hit my feet. I wanted to take her home right then and there. LUCKY US!!!

Pat Adamson

Pat, I wanted to let you how happy We are with my black lab, Scout,
that I got from you. I took him out hunting yesterday and he found 4 pheasants
and retrieved them all back. He is by far the best dog I have ever had. His
temperament and obedience is amazing. Please feel free to use me as a
referral if needed. Thanks again, Pat Adamson