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Health Guarantee

Patrick & Florence McCormack
35497 County Highway 72
Battle Lake MN 56515


This examination must be performed before the started dog reaches 26 months of age.
This certificate guarantees that the hips on the started dog will grade at least OFA Fair at 24 months of age.
The radiographic examination must be conducted and certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.
If the hips of this dog do not grade at least OFA Fair, the following options are available. The results of such X-rays must be reported to Bird Dog Kennels immediately, along with copies of X-ray, a copy of this guarantee, & presentation of the OFA certificate to our veterinarians for verification. We will not guarantee a dog unable to obtain OFA certification due to an injury or nutritional deficiency.

This examination must be performed before the started dog reaches 26 months.
Certification shall be the sole judge of a genetic eye disorder, with tests being completed by a board certified canine ophthalmologist. We will not guarantee any conditions causing blindness that are a result of injury, poor nutrition, (improper nutrition can cause improper development), fever or neglect. Such conditions would include unsanitary kennel conditions, which could result in disease, viral and/or bacterial build up (conditions such as Parvo are sometimes credited with eye infections or disorders that can result in retinal folds or blindness), any injury to the eye caused by non-genetic circumstances (bumping, abuse, rough play, accident, etc.) Results of such tests must be reported to Bird Dog Kennels as stated above.


If, by the age of 26 months, the dog develops:
-Hip Dysplasia, as evaluated by the OFA,
Or by the age of 26 months, the dog develops:
-Progressive Retinal Atrophy and/or Congenital Cataracts, as certified by an ACVO Diplomat veterinary ophthalmologist it shall be replaced by Bird Dog Kennels with another started dog of equal value or similar quality. When we have one available.

 If the value of the replacement started dog is greater than the original purchase price, the buyer will be responsible for paying the difference. Buyer is responsible for all shipping fee's. 

The buyer has several responsibilities for the terms of the guarantee to remain in effect:
1) We, the breeder, must be notified within fifteen days of diagnosis of Hip Dysplasia, Progressive Retinal Atrophy, or Congenital Cataracts.
2) Dog must be returned to Bird Dog Kennels within 30 days of diagnosis.
3) The dog may not have been bred prior to the claim.

Claim for replacement shall be in writing by orginal buyer, and shall be accompanied by the following:
1) A copy of this signed guarantee.
2) The dog and original AKC registration certificate, with ownership signed back to us and a veterinary certification of hip or eye defect as described above.

 All dog’s brought back here for any reason must be vet checked and in good physical condition and show no signs of abuse or neglect or buyer will not receive another dog from us. Buyer is responsible for shipping fee's. 

The claim must be submitted to the breeder by the original buyer with all required documents before any action will be taken. 

We go to great lengths to produce healthy, genetically sound started dogs.
We take pride in satisfying new owners with the selection of their started dog, and we want very much for you to be pleased with your new addition. Thank you Patrick & Florence McCormack

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